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General Information

Miraflores is located in the province of Lima, on the Southern coastline of the city, about 20 miles (8.5 Km) from Plaza de Armas in Lima downtown.

To the North are the districts of Surquillo and San Isidro, to the South the district of Barranco, to the East the districts of Surquillo and Surco, and to the West the Pacific Ocean.

Lima is 79 m.s.n.m.


The average temperature in Lima's coastal area is 18 °C (64,4°F). During the Summer months the highest temperature reaches 30°C (86°F), and in the Winter months the lowest temperature is 12°C (53.6°F) , but due to the high humidity (dampness), it feels colder.

The climate in Lima is dry, with very little rain (garĂșa) from April to December.


Lima, as well as the rest of the coastal region, have four seasons: Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring, but these are mild and not extreme.

Annual Average Temperature

  • Summer: January-March: 21 - 29 °C (70 - 84 °F).
  • Fall: April-June: 17 - 27 °C (63 - 81 °F).
  • Winter: July-September: 15 - 19 °C (59 - 66 °F).
  • Spring: October-December: 16 - 24 °C (61 - 75 °F).

Weather Tips:

  • December-April, sunny and warm
  • Highest temperatures are registered in February
  • Sunny, humid and hot days
  • If you are visiting Lima during these months bring light clothes.
  • May-September, gray skies, foggy days, specially near the Ocean. Very damp.
  • Lowest temperatures are register on June, July.
  • September, October and May, have mild temperatures, between 23 -17°C.
  • June to August, cloudy, sprinkles and light cold
  • If you are visiting Lima during these months bring sweaters and/or a light wool jacket. You can always buy our beautiful alpaca knit wear.

According the 2007 Census, Miraflores has a population of 84,454, plus a floating population of approximately 300,000 people.

With an area of 9,62 square Km, Miraflores is divided in a 817 block grid.

Miraflores is a touristic center as well as a vibrant, commercial, cultural and ecological city.

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