Saturday, March 28, 2009

On to the Upper Floor...

TV/Family Room
This is our favorite room in the condo. Here we relax, read, watch TV., yes! we have cable, so you can enjoy most of the American shows, Sport channels and some programming even in French, Italian, and German. For your viewing pleasure, we also have some DVDs you can watch in your lazy hours. The Sound System is a DVD/MP3/FM-AM radio and a Karaoke machine!!!! you can sing along with your favorite oldies and top 40 songs. Check the DVD and the list of songs available, and sing your heart out. Didn't make it to American Idol, don't worry, be happy! But if you are too loud, the neighbors will let you know!

Adjacent to the Family Room there is another full bath and on the other side the laundry room with a full size washer and dryer. The washer if very simple to use just put your clothes in, press "fuzzy", wait until the smart machine gauges the weight of the load and determines the water level by itself, pour your soap and close the lid, and voila! Explanation needed because we have had guests calling us to Chicago wondering how the appliances work. FYI, we do keep copy of the Instruction Manuals in the kitchen.

On the second level you will also find what we like to call the "game room". We have a Foosball table, books and board games plus a pull out sofa bed.

Bet our daughter is going to hate us for this one, but we wanted to give you a better idea of the room. Great place to lock the boyfriend at night!

La Terraza
And now our real most favorite area in the Condo, the one we specially miss during those cold, windy, snowy Chicago days; while the limenos are enjoying 90 degree weather! Here we sunbathe, sip wine, enjoy sunsets and views of the city, or just hang out . Oops, did I forget the gas grill, just got it in December, the hubby insisted on buying a gas one, good call, since coal is a mess. If you want really good chorizos, go to Vivanda, a great grocery store two blocks away.

Our son flipping some chorizos and burgers last December (Grill man not included).

Check out these views from the Terrace. So you are not disappointed, remember that Winter time in the Southern Hemisphere is your Summer time in the States and Europe, so don't expect sunny days and clear skies during May, June, July. Your best bet is during December, January, February, March and April.

Sunsets and Pisco sours, What a great match!

Like paragliding? For the adventurous ones and young at heart. The take off/landing pad is only flour blocks away. Look for certified instructors, registered with the Miraflores city hall. You could fly over the coast on a 15 min. ride at US$45 a pop. Almost did it but chickened out at the last minute! Looks great and apparently it's lots of fun!

Other views from the Terraza:

Miraflores by night (on New Year's Eve)

Miraflores in Winter and Canadian Embassy plus surrounding buildings.

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